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Police warn of fake hotline number scam

SINGAPORE: Police on Friday (May 19) warned against another scam, after members of the public reported receiving missed calls from a fake police hotline number. In a Facebook post, the Singapore Police Force clarified that genuine calls made from the police hotline would not result in the number “1800-255-0000” showing up on their phones. “Members of the public are advised to ignore such calls from unknown origins, where caller ID spoofing technology may be used to mask the actual phone number and display a different number,” police said. They alsoRead More


I’m writing to alert general public: I received a SCAM CALL from the number 63916100 today. It was showing as ICA Singapore number so I trusted initially and carried on the conversation. The person who called spoke in a Singaporean accent and pretended to be an ICA Officer. He mentioned that I had filled in some incorrect information in the immigration form and that I am required to deposit around $2000 to India via Western Union to Gurpreet Kaur and Dipali Ray and that I should fill the address asRead More

Do not return calls from numbers starting with ‘999’: Police on latest phone scam

SINGAPORE – If you receive a missed call starting with the numbers ‘999’, do not call back, the Singapore Police Force advised on Wednesday (July 6). Some members of the public have been receiving unknown missed calls, starting with the numbers ‘999X XXXX’, on their mobile phones, police said in a post on Facebook. When return calls were made, they reach the 999 police emergency hotline instead. Police said these calls from unknown origins should be ignored, as “Caller ID spoofing technology may be used to mask the actual phoneRead More

Inventive email scam rises in Asia

Criminals target firms fool staff by pretending to be a senior executive seeking the urgent transfer of funds, report says The Asia-Pacific has seen a significant increase of scam emails in the past two years, with criminals pretending to be senior executives and requesting finance staff to wire funds for urgent business, EY Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services (FIDS) said in a report. Criminals apparently spent months researching potential targets through online resources, company reports and social media channels. Then, in fraudulent emails, they would purport to be the company’sRead More

Fraud Warning

ATTENTION: all ITRA clients’ current, pending and potential. Please be aware that ITRA has discovered a fraudulent operator in the north of England claiming to be an ITRA agent. This scammer seems to have illegally sourced and copied ITRA claim documents. Allegedly, this operator is selling the claim to victims of financial fraud by charging up front fees in order for ITRA to claim less percentage upon successful judgment. Please take strict note. ITRA DOES NOT SELL ITS CLAIM TO VICTIMS OF FINANCIAL FRAUD. All claimants from registered and agentsRead More

DHL warns of phone scammers asking for personal information

Members of the public received automated phone calls from suspicious-looking phone numbers, which later directed them to an operator asking for personal information. SINGAPORE: Courier company DHL has warned members of the public that scammers are masquerading as staff manning its hotline to phish for information. A member of the public who received such a call told Channel NewsAsia the automated voice call said she had a DHL parcel which had not been picked up. Recipients are asked to press “9” to connect to an operator, after which they wouldRead More

Gumtree seeking flat on rent in Singapore

Dear Sir/Madam, This is my true story for which conclusion is yet to come. Four family put advt on Gumtree seeking flat on rent. In response one HDB owner from tampines contacted potential tenants and has signed tenancy agreement with all including me almost at same time in period of one month. On last minute he canceled the deal with everyone with one reason or another and holds back most of good faith advance given to him(one month rent and one month deposit). Till now I have four cases inRead More

Phone Scam China and Taiwan

A multi-national phone fraud ring targeting victims in mainland China and Taiwan has been busted resulting in the arrest of 600 suspects in different countries, according to news reports. Chinese news agency Xinhua on Monday reported that the Chinese and Taiwanese police, with the help of law enforcement agencies from four Southeast Asian countries, cracked down on a cross-nation phone fraud ring with the arrest of 598 suspects. The mastermind behind the syndicate was believed to be based in Taiwan, according to investigations by the Chinese police, while the fraudRead More