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Is Singapore’s “miracle” health care system the answer for America?

When liberals talk about their health care utopia, they have scores of examples to choose from. Some name France’s high-performing multi-payer system (No. 1 on the World Health Organization’s rankings, in case you haven’t heard). Others point to Canada’s single-payer simplicity. The Scandinavian countries all do health care well, and there’s much to recommend Germany’s hybrid approach. Conservatives really only have one example of a free market health care paradise to point to: Singapore. But oh, what an example it is! In a New York Times column called “Make AmericaRead More

Push for Singaporeans to eat healthier hawker food

Health Promotion Board draws up list of shop-bought dishes under 500 calories. Four in 10 hawker stalls will sell at least one healthier dish by 2019, if the Health Promotion Board’s (HPB) latest effort to get Singaporeans to choose healthy food pays off. This will mean almost doubling the proportion of such stalls that currently offer healthier choices. Of the 13,000 hawker stalls today, only 2,700 sell certified healthier items. They cover over 60 hawker centres and 450 coffee shops. To help diners identify lower-calorie dishes, the HPB has drawnRead More

New puffing rule sends a signal

Singapore’s move to raise the minimum legal age for smoking from 18 to 21 aims to reduce the chances of people picking up the habit at a young age, and falling into a lifelong addiction. The Health Ministry, which announced the move last Thursday, will propose the legislative changes to Parliament within a year, which means the new rule could become a reality in a few years. Raising the age limit directly targets the worrying fact that most smokers in Singapore make smoking a regular habit before they hit 21.Read More

Water price hike: Water users worried but see need to curb wastage

Consumers and businesses have voiced concerns about water rates being hiked, even if some acknowledge that there is a need to do so to curb wastage of the scarce resource. Restaurant Association of Singapore president adviser Andrew Tjioe said he hopes the Government will factor in the present economic climate when deciding on the price increase. “We have other things to take care of like operation costs, which are very high,” he said. Yesterday, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli said the price increase is meant toRead More

Kim San Leng Food Centre in Bishan fined $1,100 and suspended for a day due to rat infestation

SINGAPORE – The Kim San Leng Food Centre at Bishan Street 13 will be suspended on Friday (Jan 20) due to a rat infestation, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said. The popular food centre was also fined $1,100 by NEA for two offences of failing to keep its premises free of rat infestation, and one offence of failing to deposit refuse in refuse bins lined with plastic bags. These offences totalled 16 demerit points over the last 12 months under NEA’s Points Demerit System, according to a suspension notice putRead More

Singapore could experience slighty hazy conditions in next few days: NEA

SINGAPORE: There is a possibility that Singapore could experience slightly hazy conditions in the next few days if hotspot activities increase in southern Sumatra and the winds become unfavourable, said the National Environment Agency (NEA) on Sunday (Sep 11). In an advisory, NEA said the prevailing winds are forecast to blow from the south or southwest and relatively dry weather conditions are expected for southern Sumatra. According to NEA, 28 hotspots were detected mainly in southern Sumatra on Sunday. No visible smoke plume or haze was observed in the vicinityRead More

How to consume rice with other foods

Tips on how to consume rice with other foods and beverages to reduce its sugar impact. SINGAPORE – Eating white rice on its own is bad, as it can push up blood sugar or glucose significantly. But how much of it is eaten, what it is eaten with, and even how it is eaten can make a big difference, said Professor Jeyakumar Henry, head of the Clinical Nutrition Research Centre. Reducing the sugar in the blood that comes from eating starchy and sugary foods puts less stress on the pancreasRead More