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Thai Smile airways whats behind the smile, Bad service and no support.,or help

Seats dont look like this checkk out the pictures below, A quick update. After a flight from Phnoen Penn to Bangkok passagers were left forced to stay on the plane while it filled up with smoke. 30 minutes passanagers they were forced to stay on the plane and breath in the gas comings out of the aircon ducts. I was on the plane with a friend and for the past 2 days we cant stop coughing. Thai Smile and Thai Airways do not have a complaints department. So i wrote toRead More

Thai Smile Airline makes passangers sit on plane for 20 Minutes full of smoke.

On a trip from Phnon Penn to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, passangers where boarded onto the 4pm plane. All was well untill 5 minutes after we sit down the plane started to fill up with smoke. No one on the plane was told for 10 minutes what was wrong. Then a Air Hostess said the aircon is not working and gas is coming into the plane. So they turned it off and when it all cleared they turned it on again and kept us on the plane for over 20 minutes. TheRead More

Cambodia kicks out Navy Seabees with no explanation

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Claims that two women accused of assassinating the North Korean leader’s half-brother in Kuala Lumpur rehearsed the hit in Phnom Penh have added another unwanted twist to Cambodia’s long history as a playground for the world’s less savoury characters. The Cambodia Daily stunned the government when it reported recently that Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong, 29, and Indonesian Siti Aisyah, 25, had met and practised the February 13 assassination of Kim Jong-nam about a dozen times in the Cambodian capital. The pair, charged in Malaysia with killing the half-brother of KimRead More

Brit’s murder latest: Suspects hired van from border – one shaved his beard off on journey back

PATTAYA: — Police in Pattaya have interviewed the minivan driver who drove the two suspects in the murder of Tony Kenway to the resort from the Cambodian border Lert Laimeun, 48, said the two men – Miles Dicken Turner, a Briton, and Abel Caldeira Bonito, a South African – paid him 2,500 baht a day to rent him and his van for seven days. He took them to Pattaya on the 19th and was given a further 500 baht a day to stay in a resort in Bang Lamung. He was told to stay onRead More

Live A Low-Cost Lifestyle In Welcoming Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a prime destination for foreigners from all over the world. From pristine beaches to towering mountains, ancient temples to super-modern cities, there is something for everybody here. It’s possible to live quite comfortably in Southeast Asia for a fraction of what it costs to live a comparable lifestyle in the U.S. Housing, groceries, utilities, dining out, transportation, and dental care are just a few of the major bargains. Costs aren’t less because the quality is less either. Your money goes a lot farther than you would expect.Read More

Cambodia Prime Minister Hun Sen eliminate driving licence A1

Motorbike drivers whose rides are 125cc or less will no longer need a licence, Prime Minister Hun Sen announced yesterday evening, in a decision that will mean the majority of Cambodian drivers will be exempt from taking a driving test. In what he called a January 7 “gift for the people”, the premier ordered government officials to amend the Traffic Law in response to public concern and after meetings with Interior Minister Sar Kheng, and the ministers of finance and transport. In a Facebook post at 7pm, the Hun SenRead More