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Professional home-based massage – The next level in massgae service

PepperMinted® Professional home-based massage therapies was founded on the basic principle of improving quality of lives of the modern urban population, where time is scarce and daily stress takes a toll on the body.

We specialise in delivering professional home-based massage therapies through certified, experienced and thoroughly vetted therapists using high quality products. Our massage therapies are designed to take away stress, chronic pains, and toxins from the body, and support the body by giving what it needs to heal.
We believe massage is a treatment you can incorporate into your healthcare regime to regulate health.  This is to improve mobility, and to allow your boby to recover. We want to help our customers improve their quality of life, at the same time. all our our massage services are performed in the comfort of your our home thus saving them travel time.
PepperMinted is about building a culture where health is more than a concept, it is a way of life. We believe we need to look after ourselves, so we are better able to look after our loved ones. We aim to help our customers think differently about healthcare and through our services, introduce a channel of natural preventative healthcare. PepperMinted is passionate about bringing healthcare services to our customers’ doorsteps, in a safe and time efficient manner.
PepperMinted also cares about improving our employees’ quality of life. We understand that striking a balance between work and life also applies to massage therapists. PepperMinted is about recognising their skills and the positive impact their massages have on people’s lives, and that they should be proud of their achievements.
~ True happiness and wealth lies in good health ~
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