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Love thy neighbor…or not in the case of bio tech company, Kyowa.

As the second commandment of the old testament and the most basic of sentiments one could lend to another, this simple principle of treating others how you would like to be treated seems to be a virtue not considered in Kyowa Singapore Pte. Ltd. Not from entry level staff nor senior management.
For a company that quotes,

“the health and well-being of people around the world”

this bio- technology firm seems not to practice such at even the grass roots level.

On the 12 th of January 2019, Your Voice Asia staff were attending the Goldbell Towers office block in the Republic of Singapore for an unrelated matter and stumbled upon the local police in the reception dealing with an incredibly agitated foreign worker with a thick Spanish accent whom we now know had proclaimed himself as the, “boss of Kyowa”.

And so the story begins..

Your Voice Asia being an advocate of identifying local stories of interest took a look into the
story while on site. The results of which enforce our underlying concern that in some sectors
now a days we have simply forgotten how to approach our professional lives with a culture
of professional courtesy and respect for others.

Entrance Way.

The story starts when a well-respected British entrepreneur, long term Singapore resident and CEO of what we will call the, ‘receiving company’ received a call at home from his staff regarding the arrival of a package addressed to an unknown person. Of course, the easiest thing would be to discard the package at the loss of the recipient. How many times have we
done that with wrongly addressed mail that has arrived to our homes?

Interviewing the CEO later he said, “I know how annoying it is to await an important package only to find out its been previously delivered to the wrong location. So, we set about making someone smile and making sure this package got to the addressed, Cicilia”.

With Christmas and New Year spirit still in the air the company set about contacting the building management then social media sites but to no avail. Eventually, the CEO gave permission to open the box for further clues, eventually discovering a contact number.

To the horror of the staff, having now contacted Madame Cicilia with the good news, they were met upon her arrival to collect the package, with an avalanche of verbal abuse and accusations for opening the box in order to locate her.

Unbeknownst to the CEO who was just arriving to GoldBell Towers as Cicilia was leaving his office with the package, he pleasantly wished her a happy new year only to be treated with the same distain she had shown to his staff.

What happened next was dumbfounding to those who witnessed the events…

The receiving company’s office was stormed by an overtly aggressive foreign man whom did not identify himself other than to say he was the, “boss of Kyowa” screaming accusations that the CEO had personally threatened this woman. “I had no idea what he was talking about” said the CEO,” I even asked him to give me some indication of what this threat was to make out what all the aggression was about”.

After being asked to leave, the Kyowa boss became even more infuriated and threatened physical violence raising his fists to the do-gooder CEO. The incident de-escalated only because the CEO simply walked away, but not before the Kyowa boss bellowed a threat to call the police.

To the shock of everyone concerned, after the building security had refused to comply with any  demands of the crazed bio-tec boss, two officers from our Singapore Police Force arrived on scene. The bio-tech boss was seen to be co-conspiring with Cicilia in the common lobby (see pic below) to create a false statement that there had been threats which had led the crazed bio-tec boss being pushed to the floor during the altercation.

All in an attempt to make a culprit look a victim. Witnesses in the reception confirmed that the Police had informed the British CEO that he had the right to press charges, not the other way around.
Later we asked the CEO, whom was still recovering from the incident if he intended on pressing charges.

He replied… “Not at this stage, I feel they might have enough personal problems to deal with”!

Looking into the company we did indeed find bad ex-employee reviews stating the company management in the Singapore operation was reviewed to be (I quote) non-caring. Your Voice Asia did ask for the company to comment to ensure that we had received the story correctly however they refused. While it is the position of Your Voice

While it is the position of Your Voice Asia to simply report the facts. We felt this article an important insight for anybody considering their service or employment and may wish to approach this company with caution.

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