List of jobs reserved for Thais to be revised

The Employment Department will revise the list of 39 professions reserved for Thai citizens to accommodate the changing circumstances of Thai workers.

Director-general Varanon Peetiwan said on Wednesday the list had not been updated for a long time, but the circumstances of Thai society had changed. The list included bricklaying which proved not to interest Thai workers any longer, he said.

The number of reserved professions was 39 but the cabinet had already allowed migrants to work as labourers and domestic helpers, Mr Varanon said.

The Employment Department would invite representatives of professions to help revise the list to better respond to situation and economic condition, he said.

The 1979 list of reserved professions comprised:

  1. labour work
  2. agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, or fishery, except work requiring expertise, specialized work, or farm supervision work;
  3. bricklaying, carpentry or other construction work;
  4. wood carving;
  5. driving motor vehicles, driving a non-mechanically propelled carrier or driving a mechanically propelled carrier, except for piloting international aircraft;
  6. shop/outlet attendance;
  7. auction;
  8. supervising, auditing or providing services in accounting, except internal auditing on occasions;
  9. cutting or polishing diamond or precious stones;
  10. haircutting, hairdressing or beauty treatment;
  11. cloth weaving by hand;
  12. mat weaving or utensil making from reeds, rattan, hemp, straw or bamboo pellicle;
  13. mulberry paper making by hand;
  14. lacquerware making;
  15. making Thai musical instruments;
  16. nielloware making;
  17. gold ornaments, silverware or pink gold making;
  18. bronze ware making;
  19. Thai doll making;
  20. mattress and quilt blanket making;
  21. alms bowl making;
  22. hand making of silk products;
  23. Buddha image making;
  24. knife making;
  25. paper or cloth umbrella making;
  26. shoemaking;
  27. hat making;
  28. brokerage or agency work, except broker or agency work in international trade;
  29. civil engineering works concerning design and calculation, organisation, research, project planning, testing, construction supervision or advising, excluding work requiring special expertise;
  30. architectural work concerning designing, drawing of plans, cost estimating, construction directing or advising;
  31. dressmaking;
  32. pottery or ceramic ware making;
  33. cigarette rolling by hand;
  34. tour guide or sightseeing tour operation;
  35. street vending;
  36. typesetting of Thai characters;
  37. silk reeling and twisting by hand;
  38. clerical and secretarial work;
  39. legal service or lawsuit work

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