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Conman and Confidence trickster FRANCISCO PASCUAL …… ALERT

Today Your Voice Asia is making a public notice as a matter of urgency.

One of our subscribers to our pan-Asian publication has provided us with a detailed account of a horrific experience with what must be the most blatant theft of obtaining money by deception we have reported to date.

In 2016, a couple from Singapore made their first overseas holiday home purchase. Nothing makes the hearts of a couple warm more than to know they’re on the way to buying their retirement home. Retirement savings were put into a deposit to secure a three bedroom apartment on the beach on the sunny Costa Del Sol in Spain, Europe. Sourced by locals, a real estate company called Fuencasa Inmobilaria was contacted. The couple met the director, a Mr. Franciso Pascual (Paco), whom seemed charming. Initially convinced he could be trusted by his warm nature, the innocent couple from Singapore trusted him to manage rentals of their retirement home.
Over the last two years, the couple have been confidence tricked out of tens of thousands of dollars in rentals and deposits. In fact, a recent contact worth current tenants of the Singapore couples apartment may reveal that Mr. Francisco Pascual has even reached to the lowly standards of stealing utility bill monies that potentially not only deprive the owner but may leave the unsuspecting tenants without water and electricity supplies.
Naturally, the Singapore couple, a successful British business man whom has been a PR for seventeen years and a local Citizen has been constantly deceived and lied to in the most despicable way by this confidence trickster. We asked them how they felt. They commented, “Paco pretended all along to be friendly but kept apologising for stealing our rent saying his family was in trouble”.
Asking them what they intended to do… “We have hired litigation lawyers to serve him with a Denuncia”. Which is a Spanish private criminal allegation will be both, set against Mr. Pascual individually and against his company that may be served by the Guardia Civil. “We will be pushing this with all our recourse to the Provincial Higher Court. This has created some much distress for my wife, I will deliver her justice no matter what the cost or time involved”.
Your Voice Asia has made an initial contact with Interpol here in Singapore and they have agreed to give a free consultation to the distressed couple. We will keep you updated. Meantime, Your Voice Asia is currently talking to three national news papers, “Marca”, “El Paos” and “El Mundo” to co-publish a warning to foreigners regarding the conman Franciso Pascual. Once they are published we will let all our subscriber be aware.
Meantime, any concerned owner may contact us in Asia, no matter where you are and we will investigate and help build a case against this unlawful organisation that takes advantage of overseas clients and steals their money.
Website for scammed owners coming soon
If you of this person first complain to there office +34 952 46 45 02 if you dont get a response contact us at Your Voice Asia…

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