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Asian Drivers asked to resit the driving test.

Taxi driver smiles when asked about the retake exam for all driver’s license renewal application. QUEZON CITY, Philippines — One source of traffic congestion is the lack of discipline among motorists. This is what the government and lawmakers want to solve through a law that will give a mandatory exam to all driver’s license card holder all over the country. The Land Transportation Office (LTO) will start the retesting in January 2018 to ensure that a motorist deserves to own a license card. RELATED: LTO plans to accelerate application process for…

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Live A Low-Cost Lifestyle In Welcoming Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a prime destination for foreigners from all over the world. From pristine beaches to towering mountains, ancient temples to super-modern cities, there is something for everybody here. It’s possible to live quite comfortably in Southeast Asia for a fraction of what it costs to live a comparable lifestyle in the U.S. Housing, groceries, utilities, dining out, transportation, and dental care are just a few of the major bargains. Costs aren’t less because the quality is less either. Your money goes a lot farther than you would expect.…

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Goa Gem Scam

When Sarah Bowles woke up in a Berlin youth hostel on a chilly morning just before Christmas, she felt both sick and relieved. Sick because she knew that her £6,500 life savings were lost and she would have to explain to her family why she was in Germany rather than travelling in India. And yet relieved that her ordeal was over, not least as she had avoided the real threat of ending up in prison. Her story? She had fallen for one of the growing number of ingenious jewellery scams…

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