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Hwa Chong Institution teacher faces drug charges including methamphetamine consumption

SINGAPORE – A Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) teacher appeared in court on Friday (Jan 4) to face drug-related charges including methamphetamine consumption. Briton Christopher David Burge, 65, was first charged on Sept 22 last year. He is accused of attempting to possess five packets of a crystalline substance between Sept 14 and 19 last year. They were later found to contain at least 3.6g of methamphetamine. The humanities teacher is also accused of consuming the drug on Sept 20 last year. He was allegedly found with drug paraphernalia including glass apparatus…

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Drug mule who transited in Singapore with 43 pellets of Ice gets 25 years’ jail and caning

Adri Anton Kalangie was sentenced to 25 years’ jail and 15 strokes of the cane after he pleaded guilty to importing not less than 249.99g of methamphetamine on Monday, July 17 2017 SINGAPORE – A 42-year-old Indonesian drug mule who swallowed 29 pellets of methamphetamine, inserted 10 pellets into his rectum and hid four pellets in his shorts and shoe, took a flight from China to Singapore, intending to transit to Indonesia on the same day. But at Changi Airport, Adri Anton Kalangie missed his connecting Singapore Airlines flight and…

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CHIANG RAI — Eight drug couriers were killed and 600,000 methamphetamine pills

CHIANG RAI — Eight drug couriers were killed and 600,000 methamphetamine pills and three assault rifles seized in a clash between a ranger unit and a band of armed drug couriers near the Thai-Myanmar border in Mae Sai district on Saturday night, according to media reports. The clash occurred at about 8.30pm after a patrol of the 31st Rangers Task Force spotted a band of about 15 armed drug couriers about 2 kilometres from the border in tambon Wiang Phang Kham. When ordered to stop for a search, the couriers…

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