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Marketing Adverts all sound very encouraging don’t they? But what has been your experience with High St banks.

You will read these statements like:  “Receive support and advice”  “Transform your business”  “RIGHT BY YOU” on the United Overseas Bank’s Singapore division website . Sounds very encouraging doesn’t it? But, does the UOB Bank really take pride in caring for the local people and business community or does their marketing and business assessment strategy leave some high and dry instead of swimming in the happy service they so confidently portray on their website? The shocking truth about their assessment system with the new accounts may be a real cause…

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New for 2018. Singapore Your Voice Asia Rewards

YOUR VOICE : ASIAN BUSINESS AWARDS of the YEAR 2018 Over the last four years Your Voice Asia has been inundated with nominee’s in the hottest contested section of our yearly business awards, Online Retailer. This year, more than 4,000 businesses were nominated across the region. The finalists were selected by three ratings: quality of product, quality of service and speed of delivery. This year, Online Retailer of the Year 2018 is awarded to: Mrs. Yana Mabbort, Owner of Tres-Chic online clothing store. We asked Mrs. Yana Mabbort how she…

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