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Monday, May 8th, 2017


Pop an ‘exercise pill’ GW501516 to get fit without sweating

For those who cannot exercise, the benefits of fitness training could be delivered in a tablet. Researchers believe an “exercise pill” could transform the lives of people who are unable to exercise because of obesity or physical disabilities. Hopes for such a pill emerged last week when scientists found that an experimental drug allowed mice to run on a treadmill for 270 minutes before exhaustion set in. Mice that went without the drug lasted only 160 minutes. The endurance boost was accompanied by other apparent benefits. Mice which had theRead More

Driverless trucks to start trials on Jurong Island in September

Belgian logistics group Katoen Natie will be testing 12 driverless trucks on Jurong Island, with the first slated to roll out in September. These trucks will ply a fixed route on the island via transponders buried in the road. Katoen Natie is working with Dutch technology company VDL to retrofit the trucks here with autonomous systems. The work is being done at VDL’s premises in Tuas. Works are also ongoing to install the transponders in the road, which will communicate with the truck in the same way that a train’sRead More

Vanishing tribe of yellow-top cabbies

When 26-year-old Chamkour Singh wanted to become a cabby in 1978, he needed $30,000 – a sizeable amount considering that his Clementi flat cost $12,000 back then. With a bank loan and family support, he managed to put together the $20,000 needed for a brand- new Datsun, and another $10,000 for a yellow-top taxi licence. Mr Singh struggled to pay off the debt in the first two years – spending up to 16 hours a day on the road – but working as a cabby allowed him to put hisRead More

Say yes to renewing the Singapore F1 Grand Prix

With the future of the Singapore F1 night race up in the air, an expert gives six reasons why Singapore should renew the contract. Singapore GP currently holds a contract to host the FIA Formula One World Championship until 2017. (Photo: AFP) By Faizal Yahya Share this content In a few months’ time, the Singapore F1 night race will be upon us and the Government has to decide whether it wishes to extend the current contract for another five years. The Singapore Grand Prix (GP) has always had its naysayers, whoRead More

Chinese deals in Malaysia under scrutiny

China’s growing involvement in Malaysia has been praised and panned in recent years. The Sunday Times looks at how its widening presence is drawing increasing attention in the first of a two-part series. Tomorrow, why the promise of new ports in Malaysia with help from China may not materialise. Shannon Teoh Malaysia Bureau Chief and Trinna Leong Malaysia Correspondent In Kuala Lumpur The slew of projects and investments by China’s state-owned enterprises and their soft loans have been a major talking point in Malaysia since 2015, when they helped prop up stateRead More