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Monday, June 13th, 2016


Shanghai airport blast wounds four

A man has set off a homemade explosive device at Shanghai international airport, injuring four people as well as himself, Chinese officials say. The attacker threw a bottle containing explosives, which went off near a check-in counter in Terminal Two. The man then took out a knife and stabbed his own neck, officials say. In 2013 a man in a wheelchair detonated a bomb at Beijing airport to highlight a personal grievance. He was later sentenced to six years in prison. The latest incident happened at about 15:00 (07:00) onRead More

Singapore cuts same-sex kiss from Les Miserables

A kiss between two male actors in the musical Les Miserables in Singapore has been removed from the show, after complaints from the public. The scene involved a brief peck on the lips during the song Beggars at the Feast. After being told it violated its “General” rating, the producers decided to remove the kiss, the Media Development Authority (MDA) said. The show’s organisers said that the scene was intended to be comical. “The inclusion of the same-sex kiss was not highlighted in the script when it was submitted toRead More

Singapore central bank to set up dedicated teams to combat money laundering

SINGAPORE – The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) will set up dedicated departments to combat money laundering and strengthen enforcement, it said on Monday. This will take effect on AugĀ 1. Singapore’s financial sector faces the risk of being used as a conduit for money laundering and terrorist financing activities, the banking regulator said. “While MAS has in place a robust regime to protect the integrity of Singapore’s financial system, the increasing complexities of transnational flows necessitates heightened supervisory focus on combatting money laundering and other illicit financing activities,” it added.Read More