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Monday, June 6th, 2016


How to consume rice with other foods

Tips on how to consume rice with other foods and beverages to reduce its sugar impact. SINGAPORE – Eating white rice on its own is bad, as it can push up blood sugar or glucose significantly. But how much of it is eaten, what it is eaten with, and even how it is eaten can make a big difference, said Professor Jeyakumar Henry, head of the Clinical Nutrition Research Centre. Reducing the sugar in the blood that comes from eating starchy and sugary foods puts less stress on the pancreasRead More

Singapore Driver crashes car into railtracks.

Singapore car crashed onto Causeway railway tracks; train service between Singapore and Malaysia disrupted for an hour. SINGAPORE – A Singapore-registered car crashed onto the railway tracks on the Causeway on Monday (June 6) morning, causing delays to the train service. The accident happened at 4.40am. “The 39-year-old male Singaporean driver is currently assisting the Malaysian authorities in their investigation,” said Singapore’s Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), in response to queries. The Straits Times understands that the accident happened across the border in Malaysia. The car was on its wayRead More